No Water for Me!

I spent some time on the phone talking to my mom about water filtration systems and sources for when there are power outages, which is more a paranoia issue on my end than a real risk in our area.

But we have a artisan well a half block from our house, so while it may be miserable to get water in an emergency, it is possible.

That said, I had this conversation with Mom, and after a bit we hung up, and I went to check the front door for packages.


There was a note on the front door letting me know that we would lose our water this Monday or Tuesday, depending on weather because there is a water main leak.


So I’m filling 5 gallon buckets with water for flushing the toilet, and we won’t be able to shower or what not. But I have stored drinking water for a few days worth at least, so I’m not particularly worried.

Worst comes to worst, I’ll have to take my wagon and fill the buckets at the local artisan well!

The sewer won’t be affected though, so it’s an annoyance rather than an actual problem.