Another Small Manic Swing and Med Change

I had my appointment with my psychiatrist on Wednesday, and there will be a small med change.

First, was getting chewed out again for not contacting her while manic.

TO BE FAIR, this time only lasted four or so days, and my husband caught it quickly so I didn’t spend too much money or hurt myself overexerting and still managed to get some sleep.

So, not a crisis, so I didn’t call her.


Not the correct response. I get her point, but most of the time I don’t consider manic swings, unless mixed, to be much of a crisis. My husband keeps me contained to the house and I focus on reading or do projects to burn off energy.

She was pretty mad over my last manic swing where I spent LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in a week due to a combination of paranoia and mania. Fortunately, my husband didn’t murder me over it.

Oddly enough, his response was ‘The world is ending and money won’t be worth anything so meh’. At least we’ll have food.’ which was not nearly as strong of a response as I had expected.

But I DO have to run purchases by him for a while just because I keep swinging up. Which is fair.

Anyway, since I keep swinging up, we’ll be reducing and titrating off one antidepressant, but I’ll remain on a low dose of the other. The main med will remain the same, and it’s working better than we anticipated. It’s working well enough that my antidepressants were too much!

I haven’t had a down swing in a quite a few weeks, so we’ll see how this change goes. My normal is a slightly low mood, so mania was a surprise. It happens so rarely – maybe once in the last ten years or so, true mania.

It IS nice that I swung manic because this doctor had just had to take my diagnosis on faith… even when every swing was depressed or barely hypomanic, and even when my normal mood was low.

Now, she KNOWS that I swing manic.

She also knows, since I mentioned it in passing, that I see and hear hallucinations at times, which she was put off that I hadn’t mentioned it.

But seriously, I can’t touch or interact with what I see or hear… and they’re creepy. SO I make a habit of ignoring them! Why would they matter enough to mention them?

Anyway, I am doing a little better.

Things aren’t so exciting. *smile*