Pragmatic Gifts

You might have noticed that my blog has been, shall we say, ‘light’ on photos lately.

This is because the camera that we got for our wedding in 2013 finally died. It’s had problems for a long time now, but now it won’t even stay on for more than a few seconds.

I’d been using my mother-in-law’s old smart phone camera, but that won’t hold a charge for more than a half hour or so, and even if it’s off, the battery is draining.


Hence the lack of photos lately.

My dad is pragmatic, and when he noticed the camera wasn’t working, a camera went to the top of his list of Christmas ideas.

Not going to lie, I helped pick it out so it wasn’t exactly a surprise.

But it was fairly cheap so I don’t have to stress about the cost, and I opened it first so I could take Christmas photos!

I’ll have to play around with it and see how it does, but I’m super happy to have one again!

In other pragmatic gifts, my cooling fan setup for my laptop has had a bit of a dog fur problem, so it makes a hideous racket, and this is AFTER I’ve cleaned it in every way I could think of.

I do all the Christmas shopping in our house, so when it came to picking out a present for myself, I was pragmatic and ordered a new fan.

Hopefully, this means that my gaming will be quieter!

What type of gifts did you get for Christmas/holiday of your choice?