Why You Make This So Difficult, Internets?

So you want to learn Tibetan.

Whatever your reasons, and I do have reasons for me to learn, the first step is to look at the language learning sites.

(My reason is someone else’s story, but suffice to say I want to be welcoming and learn my manners. Nothing elaborate.)

Duolingo will work, right?


Rosetta Stone?



Sort of… there are individual classes by users, but nothing officially through the app.

Okay, fine, I’ll Google to find resources.

Found a site with a long list of resources. Great!

The books?

Over $250. Each.

Like, do I look like a college student with scholarship funding? No? Then why is this book so expensive?

Looked through free resources, and most of them require a base that the books provide and I can’t find ANYWHERE as just a website.


Elaborate Google searching later, and I found volumes 1 and 2 of the books for $50 on Abebooks which is nothing short of a miracle.

Do I need both volumes?

No. Not at all.

But it was cheaper than buying the first book literally anywhere I could find.


Why is this so difficult?!?