Recovering Well!

This last week has been nothing but surgery recovery. I basically slept continuously Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, just waking up for medications and to drink or eat something.

Those days are kind of a fog.

I lost part of my stitches on Tuesday, which is not a surprise, and it’s something I warned the surgeon would happen. The wound stayed shut though, so no issues.

Pain was at expected levels with no signs of infection.

Thursday I perked up and spent some time awake. My mom was kind and picked up more pudding and milk for me.

Yes, I ate mashed potatoes, pudding, and ice cream all week.

Friday I went over to the office and then came home and played some Guild Wars. This was the first day when it wasn’t really painful to talk and I was awake for most of it.

So, fall out.

I have a postage stamp sized numb spot on my chin/cheek that’s numb inside and out. This is FAR less numbness than the surgeon was afraid of.

There is no loss of function, although my mouth and cheek are stiff because of swelling.

I basically came through this surgery with the ideal results. No permanent nerve pain. No numb face. No loss of function.

Even the IV went well because they sent someone with an ultrasound machine to do it, so she got it on the very first try.

If you know me, you KNOW that I have terrible luck with medical anything.

But this time, it went well.

They got it all out.

It’s been sent for another biopsy.

I’m recovering, and just in time for busy season at work. *smile*