Consult for Surgery

Tomorrow I have a consult for getting my tubes tied.

With EDS, any surgery can be a huge risk, and while we’ve known for years, my husband and I, that we don’t want kids, we had avoided doing the surgery because of the risk.

I have an IUD, it works well, and for years abortion was an option in case something went horribly, horribly wrong. It is incredibly dangerous for me to carry, and I have put care and effort into making sure I didn’t get pregnant my entire adulthood. My husband and I had a personal consult with an EDS doctor on whether I could carry early on in my relationship, and his response was short: don’t.

Hence the IUD and care taken to ensure this didn’t happen.

However, with how shaky things are right now, my husband and I discussed it, and I’m getting my tubes tied. We’re leaving him as is because I’m likely to die young, and we want him to have the option to have kids later with a new spouse without having to undo a procedure.

So, my consult is tomorrow.

Right now, I have insurance that covers it, but that will change on January 1st, so it’s a little bit of a rush.

I’m honestly pretty nervous.

And I’m expecting a long recovery. EDS patients don’t heal well, and my doctor advised I would be down on bed rest for at least two weeks, and that’s the best case scenario.

Keep in mind that this is a laparoscopic, NOT TERRIBLY INVASIVE surgery, and she’s still expecting trouble.

So, you’ll hear more about this as the surgery date gets closer.

Cross your fingers?