20 Year High School Reunion

Yes, it really has been that long since I graduated.

One of my classmates put a lot of effort, money, and time into the reunion, so I’m grateful to her. I didn’t initially realize how much work she did to make it be a nice evening, so thank you!

I only misnamed four people. *facepalm* My dad was smart and told me to check my yearbook first, but I forgot, and then it was awkward, but that’s self inflicted.

It was a weird mix of nostalgia because I knew their faces, knew some of their history, but also that climb-out-of-your-skin nervous feeling because it was a bar filled with near strangers and their lovely spouses.

My husband came with me, which was amazing because I would have bailed almost immediately if he hadn’t been there. Not that he was happy about being there, but he smiled and tolerated being introduced to people all evening.

I stayed long enough for the photo.

I’m glad I went because if I hadn’t I would have regretted it.

But it’s 24 hours later, and I’m still stressed out! It’s ridiculous. I have such mixed feelings about seeing everyone. Their lives have gone so much further than mine, and I know that my health has been a nightmare, but while I was struggling they were moving forward.

I’m not bitter about that, not like I was when I first got sick. Just kind of sad, I guess, that they left me behind.

I’m fat, a lot of that because of the meds I have to take, which is embarrassing. Like, I wish I could have put a better foot forward, you know?

But I’m just me.

And that at least has never changed.

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