Year End Thoughts

This is my seventh year blogging we’re going into, and I’m sitting at 860 and change posts thus far.

I haven’t gotten much traction, but I don’t focus on any particular topic. Instead I just do life updates, which I’ll admit are not that exciting.

But I enjoy having this record of my life. It’s not unlike my Livejournal posts, but with less teenage angsting and more just an accounting of what I’ve spent time doing.

Most of the time I just post about the three most interesting things that happened this week. (Although sometimes it’s what I consider the funniest things to have happened all week!)

Today I updated my Kanban board, so it’s ready to go for the quarter.

I have laundry running, pretzel dough mixing in the bread maker, and I have fizzy grape soda to drink at my elbow. The machine I got for that is a post for maybe next week? No CO2 canisters required!

We welcomed the new year as we do every year – playing a Xenoblade game at home. Then at midnight, sparkling grape soda and Taylor Swift’s New Years song with a kiss for my love.

Last year was rough at times, but we made it through. Things looked scary enough that I made some end of the world purchases that I probably shouldn’t have, but in the moment it seemed rational.

This year we’ll be making a lot more money, and things are looking promising. I intend to release Fae Fatale and kick Fae Alchemy to my editor, plus write the second Girlie book at the very least. I hope to have an audiobook ready, and I’m excited about that.

I can’t say that things are looking good for most people, but we’ll be okay. One of my resolutions this year is monthly contributions to our local food bank because I know how expensive food is getting. We have plenty of stored food, but not everyone has that option to fall back on when food prices climb.

Good bye to 2022.

Happy New Year!

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