Swatching Out Gouache

I got some new gouache for Christmas, and I had some older gouache that I had swatched, so here are some photos!

The Arrtx jelly gouache and two SUI skintones. This is the cheapest gouache I got, and you can kind of tell.

The Holbein gouache set I got for my birthday. This is my nicest gouache, and it acts very much like watercolor when watered down.

Lastly, the Arteza 60 set of gouache, which includes 12 pearlescent colors.

Page one.

Page Two. You can see the Pearl White Rose reflecting the light nicely. That’s where the pearlescent colors started.

And I tried to get an angled shot so you can see the sheen on the pearlescent colors.

Exciting! I’m looking forward to playing with these.