Have I Been Trained?

As I’ve learned more about art AI, I’ve become more and more disenchanted with it, culminating in me canceling my MidJourney AI account.

There have been many other people posting about the legalities and moralities, and they can say it better than I can, so I’m not going to rehash that here.

What I am going to point out is a resource I found for checking to see if your art has been used AND a way to formally opt out of it being used in the future. The site is Have I Been Trained?, and this is the link.

The opening page gives you a search screen so you can search from a webpage you own or upload your own artwork.

I put in this piece of my own artwork for the search.

And it gave me these results.

Which tells me it’s unlikely my image was scraped from my blog.

On top of that, you can register your blog to opt out of future AI training.

I’ve already responded to their live email requesting I verify I own the blog since the email I used was my personal vs. the one listed on my blog. I responded from the right email, and I was approved.

This is the best resource I’ve seen so far for this!