Plushies from South Dakota!

I have… a terrible weakness for plushies. I love getting them when we travel and giving them out as souvenirs to people.

Here are the ones we got.


Look at that sweet face! My parents’ dogs were interested as you can see, but he was a gift to my brother. We got him at the badlands visitor center.


Also from the badlands visitor center. We kept this one.

Big horn sheep:

This one was a gift for a friend who was having a rough week. Also from the badlands visitor center.

The lady checking us out was very sweet, and she teased us by putting their noses out of the bag so they could breathe. And the guy there (wearing a similar shirt to my husband, I turned to talk to him once thinking he was my husband. He was not.) told us that buffalo ran in herds so we obviously needed the four he was shelving which made me laugh.

Last one is another coyote:

This one was from the mammoth site.

I gifted it to my neighbor’s little boy because they were kind and picked up my packages while I was gone.

I got other souvenirs, books and post cards and magnets and such for people, but I didn’t get photos of most of those.

2 thoughts on “Plushies from South Dakota!

  1. Very sweet plushies!! The last one looks like your pup.You should have gotten at least 3 of the bison. They won’t release Bison in groups of less than 3. have you named your new plushies??

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