Garden Isn’t Going Well

It's been ridiculously hot and dry, and as much as I'm watering, my garden is both struggling and getting out of hand. It's too hot to weed most of the time, so that's getting crazy. And some plants have died because of the heat, despite watering. On top of that, some of the heavier plants … Continue reading Garden Isn’t Going Well

Garden Update

Just a photo dump garden update. Lots of weeds, so ignore those. Dill: Chives and buckwheat. One year old grapes on the left, with bunches! New grapes buried in the weeds, so I need to clear that out. Perpetual spinach, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers. Blackberries. Overview from the outside.

Friday Plants Post!

And some quick photos so you can see how well my plants are doing! This one shows my lavender just barely growing! The new plant on the left is a lemon tree. Lots of tomatoes growing! Two peach trees and a Honeycrisp! Spring can't come soon enough!

Seed Starts Update

Just a photo dump of how things growing in my house are doing. The lettuce: A single grape start! Celery and eggplant. Peppers! Tomatoes. Onions and Leeks.