Put in ALL the Raised Beds!


Huzzah!  After much time and labor (and a neighbor kid who dropped by hoping for a quick buck – which it wasn’t, to his dismay), we have all of the raised beds I intend to put in this year!

I’m trying out garden bags to spread out the cost.  You put them in the first year, and if you like them, you build frames around them the second year with cinder blocks or whatever.

The cattle trough was last year’s attempt, but it was a soggy mess of a fail.   It didn’t drain well enough (surprise!) even with the bottom drain open and rocks inside and cloth keeping the dirt from draining out.  So… we performed sacrilege and drilled in a bajillion (probably forty) holes in it to drain out.  This seems to be helping!

I have a little bit of everything in there because I am all about experimenting and apparently not at all interested in figuring out which plants actually belong together.

But hey, it’s fun!


Is your garden in for the year?  How is it dealing with the hot weather?  I’d love to know!  *smile*