Evansville Has THE BEST Houses

We had to travel for a wedding to Evansville, Indiana this last week.  My husband’s relatives live there, and I had not yet met them despite having been together 8 years and married 4 of them.

So we went, and there was wedding, but that’s someone else’s story.  What I wanted to share with you were some photos of houses!

Yes, it’s silly, but they’re gorgeous.  We drove through one of the historical districts and these are the not blurry photos.  Sadly, most of them are badly blurred.

evansville house 01

This one has AMAZING details up around the roof line!evansville house 02

Look at the painting on this one!  I bet that’s a pain to keep up, but it sure is pretty.evansville house

The iron work on this house was astounding.  I couldn’t get an entirety photo because of the trees, but take a look at that!

evensville building 01

And this is some sort of public building that caught my eye.

Isn’t that fun?

Do you like architecture?  What would your dream house have on the outside?  Inquiring minds want to know!