Farewell, Mulberry Tree

Dum dum dum DUM!  We have finally conquered the mulberry tree.


My neighbor called the power company, and they cut the top half off, and then he was kind (he works for the village) and gathered up all of the branches.


So my in-laws came over, and my father-in-law used his magic chainsaw, and it is GONE.  I’m sure we’ll have to keep cutting off hopeful bits, but now there is sun in the yard!  Hooray!!!

What is the biggest nuisance in your yard?  Our mulberry tree was shading and dropping purplish berries everywhere that stained the dog, that the birds pooped pink all over our cars, the works.  We’re glad to see it gone and the two apple trees given a chance to grow!

Although I’m sure we’ll resent those in their time too.  *smile*