Four Years Married! Birthdays!

Just a quick post to share some celebrations.

My husband and I celebrated four years of marriage this week.  Four years!

And eight years together as of the middle of June!  It’s crazy how fast this has gone.  I’m so happy with him, and I feel secure in our relationship in a way that I never did with anyone else I dated.

I worked on our Anniversary, but when I got home we had a delicious dinner and then played Secret of Mana on his emulator.  Not the remake though, I don’t think that’s out yet.  He adores this game and just loves it when I play with him.

The next night, we took the gift of dinner money my parents had given us and went over to a local bar and enjoyed their fish fry.  Grilled fish and steak – it was the best!

And we did celebrate my husband’s birthday a few days before.  His mom had asked what he would want for his birthday, and I told her he needed a new shaver, but I wasn’t sure what he would want and would get back to her.

I never got back to her.

So he got a Braun shaver for his birthday, which he was really happy about.  I gave him a copy of Project Cars II which he is loving.  There’s a few glitches, but it’s nowhere near as bad as the Interwebz is wailing.

And a few days from now it will be our dog’s birthday!  He’ll be seven.  Yes, we totally celebrate his birthday too.

Have you had any celebrations lately?