A Real Adult and Everything

I’m very proud to say that I adulted so hard this week I scheduled a dental appointment.

I know, right?

I haven’t had a dental appointment since I was 18 barring my wisdom teeth being pulled and a cavity being filled at a free clinic.  I just never had any insurance to cover it and was always so broke I couldn’t do anything about it.   Spoiler: I’m 33.

Now I have insurance through the state, and I’ve passed the waiting period so I called one of the providers on their approved list and set one up.

I did have to give them the rundown about having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome so they wouldn’t be surprised by wiggly teeth and copious amounts of blood while they’re cleaning.  Nothing wrong there, just the disorder being the disorder.

My only complaints are A.) Dentists are TERRIFYING and B.) My appointment is scheduled immediately after a doctor’s appointment where I will be getting blood draws.  Might as well put everything miserable on the same day, I guess.  Or something.  Bad timing mostly.

But I finally worked up the nerves to adult.  *smile*

What type of appointments do you hate setting up?  Do you put them off or just try and get them over with?  Inquiring minds want to know!