Spoiler: Spider Can’t Hide

The Spider Who Couldn t Hide YouTube

Okay, this video amused me far, far more than I expected.  The voice over is what makes it.

It’s a rainy lazy day here, so enjoy this Spider Who Couldn’t Hide!

Yes, I know there’s away to make the image link to the website I want, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how!

So if you know how, let me know, hey?  And what do you think of our spider friend?  He’s so cute!  *smile*  But I’ll admit he wouldn’t be cute if he was in my house.  If he was in my house he would be flat.

Like this.

This little monster ran across the top of my foot in the middle of the night. I shrieked, leapt to me feet, seized a shoe and went after it, throwing furniture around as I chased it.

Tundra had only been living with us a few weeks. Poor dog… I think I traumatized him! He ran and hid in his kennel and whined. It was probably completely inexplicable to him, my shrieking and stomping and flailing. Just, one minute everyone’s chill, the next everyone is insane. Poor dog.


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