Gasp! We Had a GUEST Over!

Right?  I know! It never happens!

But my husband’s best friend came out Friday night, a two hour drive for him, and he hung out with us all weekend!

I made thick crust pizza from Gluten Free on a Shoestring from her Bakes Bread book.  It sat in the car for a bit on the way to my in-laws and rose a second time, so it was very fluffy, but it was delicious!  I’ve got it down to an art now; we know what sauce is safe for my husband, we shred our own mozzarella, we cook a safe pork sausage, so it hardly bothered his stomach.

But I will admit that I did cheat on my Keto diet this weekend.  A lot.

Then my my husband, his best friend, and my in-laws got hilariously drunk without me.  Because I was the designated driver.  So I definitely just spent the evening listening to less and less coherent political discussions.

Fun times.

The next day I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast, but I made the pancakes SO THICK they wouldn’t pour at first, so I had to keep thinning with water until they were pourable.  And then I burnt the last batch because life.

Afterwards, we drove through country roads in the friend’s convertible enjoying the Driftless Area fall colors and went to an apple orchard for apples and cider.  I bought three caramel apples.  Which was kind of silly… I didn’t want the two they had displayed, so I asked for three because I refuse to be that jerk who tells them to make another when they don’t like what’s offered.

And of course I ate all three.

So not Keto.

So delicious.

And then we had Culvers.

And I went to bed while the guys played Project Cars II to their hearts’ content.

Sunday I failed to be a good host and mostly just staggered around and growled at everyone.  I did try to be polite, and I was glad he came out, but I was also very glad to have my space back again.

I mean, I had to remember to shut the bathroom door and stuff.  My husband and I NEVER do that.  Why bother?  There’s just two of us.

So, yeah, thank you for visiting, friend-of-my-husband’s!  Hope your wife feels better soon.

She actually was sick this time.  Usually she just says she’s sick because she doesn’t want to see us, I think.  She thinks I’m weird.

Well, to be fair, I am weird.

Can’t fault her for that.

How often do your friends visit?  My husband’s friends have visited a total of six times.  In four years.  Mine visit about once every other month or so, so that’s nice.  We’ve gotten bad about visiting my bestie though because my work schedule makes it a pain.  How do you encourage people to visit?

Inquiring minds want to know!