Fortunately, My Husband Is Very Forgiving

We went over to my parents’ for dinner on Friday night and made pizza.  It was, of course, delicious, and we had drinks.

Several hours of chatting later, my husband fell asleep on the floor with the dog, which was ADORABLE.  We took tons of photos, but you won’t see them here because he’s very private on the Internet.

Anyway, I had to really work to wake him up.

Thought I got him up, packed our stuff, came back to find him asleep on the couch.

So I pulled him off the couch, but I’m not very strong.  He sort of rolled as he fell… and cracked his head good on the side table.


It apparently hurt quite a bit, and I felt horrid and kept apologizing.  I gave him some Tylenol for it and drove us home.  He wandered around the kitchen, and I sat reading and waiting for him to get ready for bed.

Eventually I noticed it was very quiet.

Checked the bedroom – he had gone to bed without me!  So I took my evening meds and crawled in with him because given a choice between reading and cuddling, cuddling will ALWAYS win.

The next day, I asked how his head was.  He said he had a headache but wasn’t really sure where it was from.

I explained my fail at getting him up, and fortunately he wasn’t mad.  But I still feel horrible.  What kind of wife am I when I practically give him a concussion?

He seems to be okay today though, so that’s good at least.  And he doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge.

But I really do feel like a jerk.

Have you inadvertently hurt your significant other? Did they forgive you for it?  I’m not the only one, surely!