I’ve been doing a new thing at work, registrations, and the way it works is you take the oldest on the list and work on it, then keep taking the oldest as you finish them.

But apparently some people who do them just pick through and take the easiest.

Which means I had a streak of ridiculously difficult ones on Friday, and I had to keep asking my long suffering supervisor to help me with them.

Me: Are you on the phone? (she does call center too)

Her: **sigh** No.

Me: I have a new and exciting problem for you to look at.

UGH.  She spends way more time helping me than she should have to!

The only good thing is that I rarely, if ever, repeat a problem with her.  Once I’ve learned how to fix it, I’m good every time I see that problem.  And I really do my best to explore everything I can do to solve a problem before I bring it to her.


I’ve made a few stupid mistakes… inputting someone’s Zip Code instead of their NAICS code and attaching a person’s registration to the old company when a new one has bought them out and it should be attached to do that.

But I owe up to them immediately and fix them if I can.  If I can’t it goes back to… ‘Are you on the phone?’

I’m sure she’s ruing the day I started doing these!

And I should be getting my first performance review soon… *sigh*