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One of the odd things about our household is that we don’t watch TV.  No cable, no satellite, nothing.  We don’t even own a TV.  My husband uses a computer monitor to play his games.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t watch anything!  My husband watches the Game Grumps Youtube channel every day during dinner.  Generally, he’ll watch 10 or 20 minutes of video, depending on what they have up that’s interesting.

What are they?

They’re  a comedy Let’s Play.  If you’re not familiar with them, a Let’s Play is when a Youtuber plays a game and records them playing and giving commentary.  The idea behind it is that it’s like playing games with your friends and watching them play.  As my husband is very isolated from his friends, this gives a sense of community, I guess.

Most Let’s Plays are pretty dry and boring as far as I’m concerned.

But not Game Grumps!

The two main players on the channel are Arin and Danny, and they’re hilarious.  I know that they take improv classes, but what really makes this channel shine is getting to know them.  My husband loves Arin and feels they’re very similar people, and I adore Danny because he’s ridiculously sweet tempered and puts up with all of Arin’s ribbing.  So as funny as Arin dying repeatedly in game might be, it’s really the time they spend talking about their life that makes me like them.

If you’re interested in looking at them, I warn you that there are a ton of dick jokes and other inappropriate-for-small-children humor.  But it’s never with any malice, and I don’t mind.

A lot of animators follow them, and there are often short animated clips of their conversation that are fun to watch.  In fact, they have a huge fan base with 4.2 million subscribers on Youtube.  Even my younger cousins have heard of them and like them – they got to go to one of their lives shows!  I was super jealous.

I’m struggling a bit today, so I’m not giving this post the enthusiasm it deserves.  Just know that they’re amazing, and you should check them out.

Do you have any comedians you follow?  What type of jokes do you find humorous?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

3 thoughts on “Interesting Things Just for You: Game Grumps Youtube Channel

    1. I did the math for how much I was watching, and then I looked at all the things I told myself were important and wasn’t doing. So I stopped. But I am glad I stopped, especially since the reality shows and OMGCRISIS news channels make me crazy. 🙂

  1. To be fair, I read a TON. So it’s not like I’m not entertained, just that I read rather than watch. 🙂 And it really does free up a lot of time to do things I’d rather do.

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