Baking for Our Church’s Cookie Sale

Every year our church has a cookie sale to raise money for utility expenses.  I never buy any (food allergies), but I always make gluten free cookies to sell.

This year, I went one step further and went as corn free as I could manage.

I took my grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe and used Better Batter, which has Xantham Gum.  Xantham Gum is usually derived from corn, so this is questionable.  I used Vanilla from Tahiti which is grain free, fresh lemon juice, Daisy sour cream (says its only ingredient is cultured cream), and upped the baking soda rather than use baking powder since that has tons of corn.

I also baked peanut butter cookies for my husband, gluten free of course, corn freeish, and I made the mistake of baking them first (I wasn’t sure how much energy I would have), so the sugar cookies are peanut contaminated.

I always do an ingredient list with a warning so I’ll make sure to label them unsafe!!!

It was a rough day baking though.  The holiday stress made me swing down, and my cookies were interrupted by tears frequently.  It was the last thing I wanted to be doing, but I had promised I would so I did.

It was nice to spend time with my parents though.  Mom rolled out her cookie dough in the other kitchen so we could talk, and she even took time to wipe everything down carefully to cut down on cross contamination.  No flour in the kitchen I was working in!  She did her dough days before.  And dad sat around and kept us company.  *smile*

What kind of cookies do you like making for Christmas?  I’ve found that adding a little bit of extra butter lets me use Better Batter for most recipes and make them gluten free.  What are your favorites?


2 thoughts on “Baking for Our Church’s Cookie Sale

  1. I like the recipe for Light Holiday Spice Cookies from King Arthur Flour. That was the recipe I was baking that day. Cinnamon, cloves, and Ginger make for some nice cookies. I had already made Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter, along with Pecan Sandies on another day of baking.

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