Pretties! Xenoblade II on the Switch

Just wanted to share some pretties from an area I’m exploring in Xenoblade II!


This is inside one of the titans, and if you time it juuuuust right, sunset will come through his skin panels and light up everything gloriously.  I mean, the trees are already pretty, but this is lovely.


Oh, and say hello to Pyra’s boobs.   She wandered into the shot.  Aren’t they ridiculous?!


A lovely tree!


One of the cities!  It’s lovely at night.


As you can see, I’m definitely following the mission objective and hurrying to the next plot point.  *takes more pictures*

Anyway, the game is lovely, and I’m really enjoying it!  It’s not nearly so light hearted as it might seem though… the last boss fight I was in was tear inducing for various reasons.

I’m thinking I’m going to have to take pictures of the few rare blades I’ve gotten and put them up here soon!

Are you playing this game?  How are you at video games?  I still feel like I’m fumble fingered and terrible, but I’m always playing against my husband, and he’s ridiculously good.  When I play against his friends I tend to beat them easily, so how good am I really?  I can’t tell!

Glad to chat with you, even if it does feel like I’m talking in a void.  This is seriously the longest I’ve ever kept up with something.  Posting three times a week seemed impossible at first, but now it’s just what I do!