COMIC REC: Far to the North and Tigress Queen

Now this is technically two comic recommendations, but because they’re created by the same person, I’m lumping them together.  They’re a little slow updating, but I really like the story, and the art is fun.  Both comics are still updating!

Far to the North Don t Tell

Far to the North appears at first to be a more Scandinavian style webcomic with the characters living in a bitterly cold area and being blonde and blue eyed, but that’s where any connection to the real world ends.  Instead, it’s fantasy and very well thought out. Do like, 9/10.  Would read again.

Tigress Queen

Tigress Queen is obviously fantasy from the get go, and I like the humor in this one a little more than Far to the North.  The art originally started out a little rougher – it was clear this was her first webcomic, but when I check the beginning now it looks like she’s doing a reboot with fresh artwork.  I’ll admit I’ve been too busy lately to check my webcomics list!  Much snark, 8/10 would read again.

Do you have any webcomics you follow that you would recommend?  Inquiring minds want to know!