A Stomach Bug Is Going Around…

And I don’t have it!  (Yet.)

But my husband spent Friday night puking his guts out, and it has been a long and draining weekend while he recovered somewhat.  We ate the same things this weekend, so we don’t suspect food poisoning.  I brought him water and tried to stay out of the way.  I’d love to say that I was that lovey dovey spouse that sat with him, but puking makes ME puke, so I talked to him a few times but didn’t enter the room and kept the fan running so the smell wouldn’t set me off.

Here’s to hoping you and I don’t get it!

(Also, seriously, wash your hands.)

What were your family habits for getting sick when you grew up?  My mom always exiled us to our beds (or the bathroom) with a bucket.  We were allowed to read and sleep, and that was it.  No TV.  She’d bring flat ginger ale or 7Up to drink and crackers.  Nothing else.

My husband’s mom let them lay on the couch watching TV.  He could have crackers or applesauce and apple juice.  He mentioned that I was so jealous… he got to watch TV!  Which is a silly thing to be jealous of, because I don’t like watching TV, and I don’t at all now, but I remember being SO BORED.

What are you family’s ‘sick’ traditions?  Inquiring minds want to know! *smile*