We Rang in the New Year with Xenoblade 2! (Mild Spoilers.)

Okay, I am so enamored with this game, and this is the furthest I’ve EVER gotten into a game on my own.  My husband did admit to sneaking on while I was sleeping New Year’s Day and leveling me so I could move forward faster.

I’ve been dragging my heels.  I want to take my time!  But he wants me to see the big emotional payoffs at the end.

So I played all New Year’s Eve, and at midnight we toasted, and my husband totally played cheesy music that made me laugh.  We usually stay home on New Year’s because of all of the drunk drivers.  So I put in six hours of play time I think?

Anywho, pictures!


This, my dears, is the first major glitch I’ve run into.  Usually, if I bump this button throwing a stone to get a baddie’s attention it turns off immediately.

This time, it didn’t and made it very difficult to fight!


Sidequest to get Poppi QTPi!  No pictures so I don’t spoil you, but I will say she’s amazing.  We actually got the expansion pack for the 30,000 ether crystals so I could upgrade her immediately!  I’ll admit something horrid… I’ve been letting my husband farm Tora Tora for ether crystals and upgrades.  I am THE WORST at this game.  He watched me trying for a while, and now when he has down time waiting for me to start playing he plays Tora Tora for me.  Isn’t he the sweetest?  *smile*


My best Chain Attack yet, with four orbs!  This number is SO PRETTY.  *smile*


This room is just SO PRETTY!


Mor Ardain by the world tree?  Le gasp!  How it gets there is a spoiler, but I will tell you if you go back to Mor Ardain while it’s there you get a unique conversation with the Emperor.


It wouldn’t be a Tetsuya Takahashi game without epic battles and mecha, now would it?  Also included, mind twists!


I have a friend who could SO be Pandoria.  I’m sending her some of my screen captures soon.  *smile*



Just some more Pandy…


And one of the better one liner hits that made me laugh!


Love this game SO MUCH.  If you have a Nintendo Switch, go for it!  The combat is a little complex at first, but quickly becomes second nature and has the satisfying feel of a puzzle game like Bejeweled, which is an odd thing to say, but getting the combos and time down is so satisfying!  *smile*  And if you’re terrible at it, don’t worry!  You can still scrape by until you get better!