Ocooch 01: ‘Still Waters’ HAS BEGUN!

Just a quick shout out that my newest novel, roughly titled “Still Waters” has begun!  I’m so in the honeymoon stage and loving writing.


Of course, that’s a tease, but I never talk about the book I’m writing.  It’s not suspicion, just realization that if I talk about what I’m writing I lose enthusiasm for what I’m writing.

Also, SO MUCH changes from the first words put down to the last revision.  Why would I want to tell you such and such is X when it may turn out to be G?

I waffle a lot before I start writing, not sure if I’m ready, if I’ve done enough outlining, if the idea is solid.  But Saturday night, I put those first words down.

I’ll admit part of it is because I have a deadline – there’s a particular writing contest I would like to enter in June, so I have to hurry, hurry, hurry!

But I’m tucked away writing today on my Alphasmart, and it’s a cold snow day, so you won’t hear much from me.

Stay warm, folks! *smile*

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