Finding Your Voice: Practice 04

Second practice from the Finding Your Voice class I bought from Holly Lisle.  This is not an affiliate link, although if you decide you want to buy a class from her, you can contact me, and I’ll set on up so we both benefit.  *smile*

He watched the woman, thinking, “I want her.”

She caught him staring and thought, “If I don’t get out of her, I’m going to be tomorrow’s headline.”

Neither of them saw the shadows following him, clinging to his trouser hems, pale faced women with clawed fingers and wretched sobs.

He considered buying her a drink, but that was obvious, too easily avoided.  And if he did it too often he would surely be caught.  He had to have her, there was no room for mishaps.

She scanned the bar, searching for the coworkers she had arrived with, but none of them were in view.  The first kernel of concern blossomed in her chest, rose to her throat.

Neither of them saw the shadowed women who drifted to her side, whispering fear into her heart, ice into her veins.  She wouldn’t let there be another, not ever be another, not she, newest of his victims.

He strolled towards her, a predator’s prowl, and he reached into his pocket, palming a patch, careful not to let it touch his skin.  She was so beautiful, he thoughts, they always were until the rot set in.

She caught his approach from the corner of her eye and immediately edged up to the bartender.  She caught his attention and jerked her chin at the man approaching.  “I need a cab,” she said, but what she really meant was, “Help!”

He paused, casting a wary eye over the situation, the woman and the bartender.  Anger bubbled up but he bit it back.  Hunt cut short, he turned away.

“Yes, run,” bubbled the shade through the gash that rent her throat.  He was hers.