What Did I Do to Deserve Two Cars in the Shop?

My husband’s car was backed into at work a few weeks ago.  His car was parked, and the other person provided all the information needed, so this Thursday he dropped it off at the auto body shop, and I left early from work to go pick him up.

I was 90% of the way there when my car overheated, the light on, dinging, the works.  I pulled over immediately and opened the hood.

My husband drove down and looked it over.  It was decided we could limp it along to drop him off, driving with the heaters on full bore, and we called our normal shop.

We managed to drop off my car at the shop.  It didn’t look good, and they suspected head gaskets.  There are two head gaskets on my vehicle, both buried in the engine.  We were looking at a repair of ~$2000.  The Subaru I have has two failure points – the transmission and the head gaskets.  The head gaskets were replaced shortly before we bought the vehicle, and they provided paperwork, but we weren’t sure they used the redesigned head gasket without the flaw.

I didn’t work Friday – between trying to work out the car situation and the stress involved I took a personal day.  This weekend, we’ve been borrowing my mother’s car.  (Thank you, Mom!)

Today, the shop called.  Bugs in the condenser and low radiator juice.  (I’m not a car person, can you tell?)  They ran it for a few hours and had no issues after cleaning that up.

And they didn’t charge us!

So we’ll have to watch it to be sure nothing slipped past the shop, but it looks good to go.  My husband’s car is still being worked on, but we have a car again!  Here’s to hoping it won’t be a further problem.

Tell me about yourself!  How is your weekend going?  What is the weather like near you?  What are you planning to do this week?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*