Lawn Mowers Hate My Siding


We’ve had an ongoing problem with the neighbor’s person who mows running the lawn mower with the shield up and peppering our siding with rocks.  Sometimes it’s fine, but sometimes it punches holes in our siding.

We talked to the most recent mower last year and had no further problems for the year.

The person renting the house died in a work accident this last December, and the house (since it was a relative) was ignored for a while.

About a week ago, the family came with a bunch of equipment and cut the (very!) tall grass, cleared brush, the works.  I think they intend to rent it out again.

But I went out a few days ago, and there was a fresh hole punched in our siding, complete with rock still in it.


Well, I didn’t have any way to contact the owner of the house, so I called her sister at the only number I had for her (at work, unfortunately).

It was a hugely awkward conversation.  She was defensive and seemed to think I was attacking her, and I was trying to be clear that I just wanted them to mow with the shield down.  There’s no point in replacing the siding, regardless of who would, unless the problem stops!

So that was awful.

I’m not very good at conversations like this, and they make me sick to my stomach with stress.  But I was an adult and called.

Do you have any conflicts with your neighbors that you need to address?  How do you deal with possibly confrontational phone calls?  Inquiring minds want to know!