How Do You Tell If Your Apples Are Ready?

We were gifted a pair of HoneyGold apple trees for mother’s day last year, which I found highly amusing because I have no kids, but my mother insisted that we have a dog so it counts.

This spring they were lovely and flowered, which I can’t find a picture of to save my life.  But they did.

There were nine apples on them this month on just one of the trees.  We aren’t sure why the other tree didn’t have any… maybe they’re gendered?  One fell, and we sampled it – it was still bitter.

Today they have speckled up and have faint blushes of red, so we picked one and sampled it.  It was tart and surprisingly thick skinned.  So, not ready.

Google has conflicting news.  Apparently they’re from the University of Minnesota!

Their Wikipedia article here, and an article here from Adam who writes articles on apples are interesting.

So, Adam stated they’re ready in October… we may have tried ours way, way too soon.

But it’s SO hard to wait!  And they’re not a type I’m familiar with so I can’t tell just looking.

Do you have apple trees?  How do you care for them?  We’re looking into spraying them.  When do your apples ripen (and what state are you in)?  Inquiring minds want to know!