My Parents’ New Dog or My Husband’s Biblical Adventure

Sunday morning, we got a call from my parents – would my husband be available to drive with my dad and their dog Mariah down to Chicago to pick up a new dog from a rescue?

Of course he said yes.

So I puttered around the house while the drove down and went to bed unknowing that he was having an amusing drive.

They went to pick up a dog named Noah from a woman named Mary, down the street from the Lutheran Church in a town called Antioch.  Then, they drove home with two dogs, one male and one female, in a terrible rainstorm that included a great deal of flooding.

Anyway, we took a few pictures, but they’re all pretty blurry.  He and Tundra are best buddies!  He has one blue eye and one brown eye:


And he’s VERY tubby.  Like, I shouldn’t be one to talk about being fat, but he’s fat.  His back is like a table.

Tundra and him playing:


Like I said, hard to take pictures:


*le gasp!* It’s my husband’s leg!  It’s the most anyone has seen of him!  Shocking!

And they wear themselves out pretty quickly:


There has been some dog snapping and snarling, but my parents brought him into the vet… turns out he has a massive skin infection, so anytime we tried to break up disputes, we were hurting him by pulling on him.  Poor puppy!  He’s on an antibiotic and pain killer now.

What do you think?  Isn’t he cute?  Mom intends to change his name to Joah – she doesn’t like have ‘No!’ as the first part of his name.  So we’ve been calling him Noah Joah to get him used to it.  How do you integrate new dogs?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

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  1. His name actually turned out to be Joe instead of Noah and he has taken to his new name with no problems. He’s a very nice dog and we were glad to rescue him.

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