Did I Mention It’s Been Raining?

I may have mentioned in my last post that my husband drove in a terrible rainstorm to get Noah.  It was one of several spread out over several days, and we’ve had extensive flooding where we are.

Our house specifically is six or more feet above flood level – we’re not likely to even get water in our basement, truthfully.  Most of our little village is safe.

But the road nearby in a low area flooded, forcing me to drive almost an hour out of my way to get home from work.

And the river is deep and fast and high enough that we can actually see it from our house!

Our town’s boat landing:


I find the sign particularly ironic.

The ramp going down to the river where they drop off boats:


Shots of the park:






None of those trees are normally underwater or near the water.  The river has swelled out of its banks and crawled halfway through the park… but not high enough to reach any of the houses in town, thankfully!

The cities around us have been devastated.  I mean that quite literally… entire towns that don’t normally flood are underwater with houses swept off their foundations.  Evacuations in the middle of the night.  It’s scary.

But my husband reminds me that in order for the river to climb the six or more feet to our house it would have to fill the entire lowlands and marshy areas of the Wisconsin River, and that would be a LOT of water.  It’s very unlikely.

But I will admit I do look out the window a lot at the river and fret.

DSCN3128 with arrow.jpg

It’s a good couple of hundred yards away.

I would link to a place to donate for flood victims, but I haven’t seen anything that looks legitimate yet.  If I do, I’ll post it!  Cross your fingers for the rain to let up!