The Condo We Stayed in was Ridiculous!

While we were in California, we got a really good deal on a Condo from the bride’s connections.  10 of us, all family, stayed there, and I took photos because Oh. My. God. I’ve never stayed anywhere so nice!  It was ridiculous… I was SO afraid of breaking things!

Because, face it.  I’m low income, and none of my family is high income, so we don’t exactly live in luxury and have nice things.  Which is perfectly fine with us… we have everything we need.

But it was a shock.

Here’s the main room:DSCN3225

It had a view over the mountains that didn’t show up well in the photo.

There was an entire second floor!


The kitchen was the biggest I’ve ever seen:


And from the other side:


There were three bedrooms, each with their own bathroom!  And bunk beds.  And three pull out couches.

The couples had the bedrooms, and ours had a shower.


It was cut stone which I found pretty amazing!  A little rough on my feet, but so pretty.  It was my favorite part.


I’ve never been in somewhere so nice!  Which probably makes me look provincial, but hey.  We’re low income but not poverty level, and that’s doing pretty well for us!

This Condo was easily three times the size of my house, I’m guessing a little over 3,000 square feet total!

My house is 900 square feet, and I love it.  I’m especially glad everything works in it.  I’m not dissing my house.

But this Condo was a bit of a shock.

Anyway, what’s the nicest place you’ve stayed?  What really stuck out as the best part for you?  Inquiring minds want to know! *smile*