We Went to a California Wedding

I said we went to a wedding, but I didn’t mention it was to a California wedding.  I don’t like saying when I will be out of the house for a few days because that’s just inviting theft.

But we did!  We flew to California, and we had a great wedding.

This was the backdrop:

Everything at the wedding was hand made by the bridal party, including the benches and the tables we sat at.  I didn’t think to get any photos without people in them, so I’m sorry you won’t see that.

And it was a dog friendly wedding!  There were 15 or more dogs there.

We met Lupin:


She’s a wolf-dog from the Lake Tahoe Wolf-dog Rescue, and she’s a total sweetie.  She’s 14 or so and not doing so hot because she has a nerve sheathe issue.  Normally wolf-dogs live to be pretty old, but she’s struggling.  We met her in 2010 or so when she and her people visited my husband’s family in Madison.

Such a sweetie!

And here’s Whisky:


He’s the bride’s dog, and he’s a Tamaskan.  They’re a Finnish breed meant to look wolf-like by breeding together a variety of snow dogs and German Shepards.  They’re all dog though.  Whisky isn’t ideal because he’s a ginger.  *eyeroll*  There aren’t a lot of them in existence, but you can read about them here.

The newlyweds dropped by where we were staying our last night and hung out for drinks, and they brought him with.  As a puppy, he was able to roam the mountain in that area, which is so cool.  And I got a kiss!

crop whisky kiss

This is my mother-in-law’s photo, and I thought it was super cute.  Whisky loved giving kisses!

Have you ever been to California?  What did you do there?  Are you familiar with Wolf-dogs or Tamaskans?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*