Hwy 4 Is So Not a Highway

On the way to seeing the redwoods, we took Hwy 4 for part of it, and I’m just going to say, straight up, that it was THE most terrifying road I’ve ever been on.

Hwy 4 is not a highway.  This is a lie.  It’s a road that narrows progressively as it climbs the mountains until there is no center lane and JUST enough space for two cars to pass each other.

There is no guard rail.

And a drop off that at the highest was about a 8,500 drop according to signs.

Multiple jerkfaces brought their trucks with dualies down the mountain towards us, and even with both of us as far over as we could go, there just wasn’t any space.  One passed it’s mirror right over ours.

At one point, my husband had to go off the lip of the road, ON THE OUTSIDE and when I looked out, it was UNDERCUT UNDER THE ROAD and just OPEN TO SPACE and the MULTI THOUSAND FOOT DROP OFF, and it was TERRIFYING.

Between that adrenaline rush and the altitude I was dizzy and shaking and miserable until we started to climb down.

But I got some pretty pictures!

At one of the few places to pull over:


And then at another place to pull over:


Near the very top of the pass, a man-made lake!


And on the way back from the redwoods, a FAR better actual highway:


Driving along a ridgetop:


All in all it was gorgeous, but I am NEVER going on that road again.  I think I used up my entire lifetime of luck.  *smile*