Random: A Cute Picture from California

Going through my pictures, I discovered this one that my husband took of me, and I thought it was SUPER cute:


I like it because we’re both in it, but his face is covered enough that he’ll let me post it to my blog.

And the rocks reflected on the window are pretty.

You can see my splints in the window, and I remember I was making an ‘I Love You’ in sign language at him and laughing when he took it.

I didn’t think anything else of it at the time, but I’m really happy he took it!  That was the day we saw Redwoods, and it was just us driving around and having fun.  Our day.  *smile*

Do you like having your picture taken?  I really don’t, but I don’t stop people from taking them either.  Most of the time they’re taking the photo for themselves, and as a memory of me being at whatever event we are at, so I let them.  *smile*

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