Pumpkin Carving!

We’re just short of Halloween, so my husband and I finally went to pick out our pumpkins.  We stopped at a farmer’s market nearby and picked out one big one for carving and three little ones for pie.

The big one wasn’t labelled but turned out to be a Wolf pumpkin which made me smile because my husband and I love wolves.

I tucked them into a corner of our kitchen/dining room for the moment.  I love carving pumpkins, but my husband won’t let me – both because my hands are week and because it damages my hands to try.  Also, I think he thinks I’ll take a finger off or something.

Chances are high.

So here are the ones we picked out:


We have to be careful though… one year, when I was sick with my back injury during Halloween, the pumpkin just sat and sat and sat… and rotted, ruining a section of our wood floor.  Ugh.

But that’s the past, and we know better now!

We’ve already bought our Halloween candy, which is kind of my husband because he can’t eat most candy with his corn issues.  We picked out mostly Tootsie Rolls this year which are my absolute favorite.  Last year we got Laffy Taffy.

Can’t wait for Halloween!  *smile*  Here are a few of our old ones:


And another wolf one:


And two silly ones, a power symbol:


And ‘iPumpkin’ which we thought was hilariously clever at the time:


Notice how I spelled pumpkin wrong.  I’ve always said ‘punkin’ and this is the first time we realized I did.  I also say ‘Valentimes’, and these two words are ones I struggle to spell every year.

What kind of candy do you usually pick out?  Do you enjoy carving pumpkins?  What do you usually carve?  We like to do wolf faces on ours.  Inquiring minds want to know!