Bed In A Box: Zinus


After a great deal of research, we decided to try out a Zinus mattress, this one in fact.  No, these are not affiliate links.  No, we weren’t sponsored.

We got it on Wednesday, and the box was so heavy I had to rock it inside!  But we set it up, and then we were out of town for a day, so it gave it some time to inflate.

It was really easy to set up, and there was a mild chemical smell at first, but when we came back it was already up to 12 inches and the smell had faided.  We threw our normal foam topper on it and tried it out.


I didn’t think to take a photo of it during set up!

We learned almost immediately that a foam mattress does NOT need a foam topper.  Trying to move around on the bed was exhausting… you’d put your hand down and down and down and it was like doing the world’s worst weighted push ups.

So we gave it two nights with the topper and then removed the topper.

And it was wonderful!  Comfortable, and most importantly, I woke up with NO PAIN.  Well, no additional bed pain. I’m never without pain entirely.  But it was amazing!

So this is our initial review… I’ll have to post one after six months and after a year to give a good idea of how it lasts.

So I’m at least initially pleased by this purchase.  *smile*

Have you tried a bed in a box mattress?  What did you think of it?  Inquiring minds want to know!