Halloween: We Hand Out Candy But Tundra Is the Real Attraction

Crushing Disappointment!  I left work early on Halloween so that I could carve our pumpkin with my husband and… it was rotten.


So that was not an option.

But I did dress up a bit, and my husband wore the cute wolf ears we got at the Great Wolf Lodge.  My first two attempts at a costume failed though.  One was way too small.  The second fit but had been stored in the basement and ITCHED… in addition to being a corset I couldn’t breathe through.

So I bailed on that idea pretty quickly!

My husband had put up purple, red, and green holiday lights as ‘Halloween’ lights, and they lit up the porch nicely.

We had a ton of candy, mostly Tootsie Rolls which are one of my favorites, and we felt like we had set up too early but…

The first Trick-or-Treater arrived at 4:45 pm!

And then we were swamped.  I had to eat my dinner in stolen bites between them, and the spaghetti boiled over once while I was answering the door.

We have a process though.  My husband holds Tundra’s leash, giving him just enough slack that he can stick his head out the front door.  I open the door with my hip, offer candy, and let the little monsters know that the dog is friendly if they want to pet him.

They loved it, and Tundra loved all the attention.

In fact, some of the kids running up remembered his name from last year!  And there were quite a few of town kids who told everyone about Tundra’s walks and petting him and were so proud of themselves.  So they got to be cool, Tundra got pets, everyone but my husband got candy, and it was a good night.

Toward the end, we just put a cardboard box of candy on the railing and shut down.  An hour or so later, the door rang, and my husband went to answer it.  Before he could, they figured out the candy though, and he stepped out after to get the box.

Which they had lift a single tootsie roll in the middle of.  *smile*

Did you have a good Halloween?  What did you dress up as?  Did you have a lot of Trick-or-Treaters?  What traditions do you have?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*