Holly Lisle’s How to Write a Novel Class

I’m on Lesson 7 of Holly Lisle’s ‘How to Write a Novel’ class, and it’s going fantastically!  I’m running a few days behind, and while I’ve done all of the forum assignments I haven’t posted any of them, but I’m loving this class.

Every class I’ve taken by Holly has taught me a great deal, but this is her newest and I’m amazed by the way my muse is leaping to her feet and behaving.  Usually I’m a heavy plotter, but Holly is showing how to build a character driven book, one of my weaknesses.

The biggest jump so far has been a sudden real understanding of how to create GOOD scenes that flow into each other.  I had tried this before with multiple books and classes, but even with my best efforts it was hit or miss.  This time, it’s like breathing, so easy!

So, as part of this class, I’m writing a book from scratch, entirely using her methods.  The hope is that, after I take this class, I’ll be able to revise some of my older novels to be readable.  Crossing my fingers!

No affiliate links or sponsoring here, just delighted surprise.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised, she has taught me so much!  You can find her site here.

And, hey, if you do decide to buy a course of hers, ping me and I’ll send you an affiliate link.  *smile*