Hives or Why My Allergist is Wrong

I had an allergy test done a few weeks ago.  I was hoping to set up allergy shots and maybe cut back on all of my allergy meds.  So I put up with the scratches and itching… my new allergist insisted that, since I didn’t react to the prick test, I wasn’t allergic to wheat.

This is despite the fact that the allergy test I had in 2010 had wheat as my strongest allergy.

He just gave me the ‘you’re making it all up look’, and I was pretty upset.

But last week, I thought, if I’m not allergic to wheat then I can eat burritos again and bought some.

And set aside a day from Keto to eat some.

And broke out in THE most glorious, full body set of hives.


I know better than this.  I should have trusted the results I’d already gotten, AND the fact that cutting my wheat in 2010 got rid of the hives, wheezing, and facial swelling I was having then.

Which didn’t appear again until literally last week when I had burritos.


So, now the plan is to eat stuffing for Thanksgiving because I ADORE my mother’s amazing stuffing.  Why would I do that?

Because my next appointment is the Monday after Thanksgiving.

If all goes well, I’ll have a nice set of hives to flip him off with.  I’m so ticked that A. I listened to him and B. he wouldn’t listen to me!

And especially ticked that he made me feel awful and doubt my own experiences.

I know my body.  I need to trust that I know my body.

Do you have allergies or food allergies?  How do you cope with them?  What has been the most frustrating part of dealing with them?  Inquiring minds want to know!