I’m an Amazon Affiliate!

What does that mean?

It means if you go to Amazon from any affiliate link I provide, and you purchase anything (not just the item I link to), I’ll receive a percentage of that sale.  It doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps me out!

So, what this means is that anytime I link to Amazon (which I do fairly frequently), I’ll include a disclaimer that it’s an affiliate link and will earn me money.

This doesn’t mean someone is deciding what items I post.  I decided to post or not post links to whatever items I want.  It just means that if I find something AWESOME, and you look at it and then purchase anything after going through my link, I’ll get a cut of it.

Just giving ya’ll a heads up!

The link is included in one of my text boxes on the right of the screen if you’re interested in using it.  In this case I  linked to my all time favorite book series, ‘Rise of the Iliri’.  *smile*

Why did I decide to do this?

Flat out, I don’t want to run ads on my blog if I can avoid it.  You can get malware through them, they can advertise things I don’t agree with, and they’re annoying.

So instead, I’ll link if I find something cool or something I like, and you can choose to support me or not.  It’s all up to you.

Thanks for the listen!  *smile*