Floofer Transport!

We follow an Alaskan Malamute rescue, IAMRA, and we try to support them.  My parents look there first when they’re looking for a new dog, and they’ve been wonderful.  I follow them in their private Facebook Group for prior adopters, and they put a call out for transport help this week.

An elderly, blind and deaf, female malamute needs to make it from Southern Illinois to LaCrosse, WI, and they were begging for relay drivers.

We volunteered since we’re the closest to where she’s going… very few IAMRA supporters in the group are in Wisconsin, and none are as far northwest as we are.  (Southwest part of the State, yes, but the next nearest is in Madison, and it’s northwest of where she’s coming from.)

They’re working on setting it up right now, but it’s looking like we’ll be picking her up in Madison on the 22nd and transporting her to LaCrosse.  We’re a good fit for this because our car’s back seat is set up specifically for dogs to ride.  We bought a Dog Shell (affiliate link) so Tundra wouldn’t keep sliding off the seat.


It works extremely well!  We can store stuff in the leg space, but he doesn’t fall into it anymore and can lay flat.  And my husband’s car is low enough that it’s an easy hop to get in.

Perfect for an elderly floofer!

I’ll let you know how the trip goes!  It isn’t set in stone yet, but it’s looking very likely. *smile*

Do you follow any animal rescues?  What drew you to that rescue?  How do you keep from adopting every animal you see come through?!?  Inquiring minds want to know!