Memories of My Grammy

I received several AWESOME gifts for Christmas, including a grow light.  There wasn’t anyplace on the first floor where we could set it up, so I decided to put it in the basement.

So my husband and I cleaned the basement, and I took some time to open boxes I hadn’t open in years.

And this is what I found:


My Grammy sent these to me when I was child.  She loved doing plastic canvas!

When you open it:


This all opens out, and the piece on the right is actually the floor for it.  There are drawers of storage on the left there, various bags and baggage, the top to a table, a couch, and a chair.


Moved items stored on the right – my Grammy took a photo of the hill outside her house and put that in the ‘window’!  And the item there is a table; the top is on the other side.

The couch:


This didn’t fit in the travel trunk, but she made a lounge chair:


And a wardrobe!


When you open it you can see there’s a drawer too, and it used to have hangers:


So much time went into these items, and I played with them endlessly.  I only ever had 2 Barbies and 1 Little Mermaid doll, and I gave them away years ago.  But the items Grammy made me?

Pry those from my cold dead fingers.

So much love in these items.  I miss her, and I wish my husband had gotten a chance to meet her.  She and I were similar in a lot opinions, and I learned to be myself, regardless of what others want, from her.  She believed in being yourself.  Period.

She could be cantankerous, and if you broke the rules or lied to her there was hell to pay.

But if you had a bad day at school because you didn’t toe the social lines?  She’d hug you and congratulate you on being true to yourself.

She was amazing.

Do you have any items from your grandparents that bring tears to your eyes?  Any beloved childhood toys?  Inquiring minds want to know! *smile*

2 thoughts on “Memories of My Grammy

  1. It sounds like you two had such a wonderful relationship! It’s so nice you have something to hold onto when you think of her.

    I have a stuffed animal named “Lammy Pie” (he’s a lamb, of course) that I came home from the hospital with when I was born in 1976, and he still sleeps in the bed with me every night!

  2. She was a wonderful woman, and I’m glad I got to spend time with her and get to know her as a person!

    I have a stuffed rabbit given to me the day I was born named, creatively, Rabbi. She sits on my dresser, but I do have the stuffed Otter my mom gave me when I went to college and the stuffed wolf my husband gave me our first Christmas – named Otter and Wolfy, and they sleep on the bed with us, much to his amusement. *smile*

    I think Lammy Pie is a charming name!

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