Puzzling the Neighbors – Gingerbread House Edition

This is a little older, but I wasn’t able to get the photos my family took from it until now.  I had a close friend, who is military, drop by my parents around Thanksgiving.  She has been having a hard time, and I remembered that she loved making Gingerbread Houses, so I picked one up for her!

We had a lot of fun decorating it!  The front:


This is supposed to be a picture window with us in it, the back:


And then one side with my name on it. Hers is on the other side, but I don’t share names on this blog:


That’s a corgi, and I tried to draw a dragon, but instead it looks like a giant snail.

Anyway, it turned out that the house was chocolate cookie and mint flavored… which no one liked.  No one wanted to eat the gingerbread house.

I suggested tossing it in the dry gulch for the raccoons and possums, but my parents vetoed that right away by insisted anywhere we leave it, there should be at least a mile from their house so the dogs couldn’t catch anything.

On the drive home that night, we found the perfect spot – in the middle of a Y intersection on our road where people could look at its deliciousness and it would be easy to pick up the cardboard piece later.

So we dropped it off.

Later that night it snowed.

And this is what my brother found the next day:


A pristine layer of snow with a gingerbread house in the middle of it.  No sign of how it got there, just, poof!  Gingerbread house.  By the time I drove by later that day, there were wheel tracks and people tracks all around it.  It was obvious multiple people had stopped and looked it over.

Which of course we found hilarious.

So we created a mystery for folks to look at and wonder about!  Unfortunately we didn’t think it out entirely – when I came back to pick up the gingerbread house there were a ton of coyote prints and no gingerbread house.

… so I guess some coyotes got a treat.  It didn’t occur to me that something would carry it off – I just assumed they would eat it in place and I could pick up the cardboard after!

Have you pranked your neighbors?  Do your neighbors think you’re bizarre?  What fun things do you do to encourage this belief?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

One thought on “Puzzling the Neighbors – Gingerbread House Edition

  1. I love this. I hope any kids going by thought it was an elf house.

    And I would have loved to have seen a coyote carting that little house down the street!

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