We WERE Going to Adopt a Dog

zombie puppy

I follow various snow dog rescues, wolf dog rescues, and such, and I’m always looking at different dogs.  I may like them, but I don’t usually do more than gush about one and show my husband.

Then I don’t think anything more of it.

But… I saw a dog at a shelter a reasonable drive from us, and I fell in love with him.

His name is Zombie (previously Zorro). He was part of a musher’s team and has been surrendered.  Temperament listed as shy and gentle, and he is heart worm negative.

I told my husband.  And my mom.  And my in-laws.  And Facebook friends.  I couldn’t stop talking about him!

I mean, look at him!!!

zombie puppy 02

You could call him Zom Zoms or ZB or keep Zombie.  I mean, that would be hilarious, yelling ‘ZOMBIE HOUSE!’ to get him to come inside.  HILARIOUS.

When they adopted him out without ever becoming public, I bawled.  My husband was a little surprised but agreed to take me more seriously in the future.

Contacted the shelter and told them that if he was returned, we were SO INTERESTED.

A few days later, the shelter contacted me back to tell us that his foster (who was adopting him) had a major life change and he would be available again.

You’d better believe I was excited!  My husband agreed to meet him, and adopting him was dependent on his temperment.

In order to meet him, I had to submit an application with  a character reference.  I called my best friend and she let me put her down.  I had called my mom, and she said no.  She said too much was going on in our life, and we had too much on our plates already.

I was so excited when I went to bed!  Late, I might note, because I stayed up to fill out the application.


It was not to be.

The little furball must have heard I put an application in, because he escaped that night into the wild blue yonder and hasn’t been seen since.


I spent hours over the next few days searching shelters, looking for him.  Lost Dogs of Wisconsin posted him as a missing dog for Southwest Wisconsin, but nothing.

The shelter offered another dog, but I told them we would wait in case he was found again.  I don’t think it’s likely – if he’s a musher’s dog he probably took off and will show up next in Nebraska.

But I keep hoping and worrying about whether or not he’s okay.

Do you have any pets?  How did you get them?  I like puppies, but they’re crazy making, so I always look at adopting adult dogs.  Especially since we love Alaskan Malamutes.  Those puppies remodel your house for you!  Is Zombie not the cutest?  AGH!

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  1. You could ask to make up a sheet and drop it off at the local vets in the area around here that might treat this dog and with the local sheriffs offices so they can be on the lookout too. Good luck. Hope he is found hail and hardy. Kris

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