Cutting Down Trees!

Our neighbor just had the tree on the lot between us cut down, and my property has SO MUCH more sun.

He was a bit irate – he called the power company to have them turn off power to their property in case the tree fell funny, and the company told him they would just fix it if the tree came down on the lines.



But it came down smoothly, thankfully.

And even nicer, his friend will try and come to take down our dying Silver Maple and trim the deadfall off the next one over.  So that’s cool!

And I’m really appreciating having more sun for my garden… a huge section of my yard went from partial sun to full.  It will also give our apple trees more sun!

SO there really aren’t any photos here, and it’s probably not interesting to you, but this has been on my mind a lot.

Right now the lot between us is entirely full of branches that they’re slowly breaking down.  Our neighbor is stressed that we’ll find it an eyesore, but really?  It takes TIME to sort out a tree after you’ve taken it down.

If it’s still there in December or something I might grump, but here’s the thing… it’s not our lot.  It’s theirs.  They bought it.

So it’s really none of my business.

Have you ever had to take down a tree?  How did you deal with that?  Was it a disaster?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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