Interesting Things Just for You: Watercolor by Shibasaki YouTube Channel


This watercolor channel is one I’ve been watching because I am SO BAD at watercolors!

And, come on, is this not Bob Ross’s long lost brother?  He’s super chill and the videos have English Subtitles, so he’s fun to listen to while he’s painting!

If you like Bob Ross, you will like this man.

I haven’t worked up the nerve to actually try painting any of these tutorials, but I’m tempted.  He makes it look so easy!

When I do anything ‘watercolor’, I tend to use watercolor pencils because they’re easier for me to control.  But I have a set of actual water colors, so this is tempting!

So, this is the last of the channels I’ve been watching lately!  I’ll post something more serious next week, I’m sure, but I needed some time to come to terms with the bad news I received, and I also needed to make sure I understood all the details.

Do you enjoy water colors?  Are you any good at them?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*